our CapabiLities

engineering innovation to depend on

Connexion Technologies is a world-leading provider of engineering solutions for global OEMs in demanding, high-reliability markets. With facilities throughout the UK, we work with our customers to solve complex challenges, delivering design and manufacturing services across the electronics, mechanical engineering and advanced communications sectors. Our mission is to be the first-choice partner for our customers, providing unique expertise and capability that they can depend on, every time.

From design and product evaluation through prototypes, test and production we deliver technically advanced components, subsystems and finished products to customers in diverse sectors. By coupling advanced process technology with complete supply chain control, we are able to provide our customers with unparalleled service. 



Industry-leading expertise in microelectronics, chip-and-bond technology and high temperature electronics. We supply complex electronic solutions to high-reliability industries around the world, accredited to AS9100 and ISO13485 standards. 

Our advanced electronic manufacturing facilities contain state-art-equipment to allow us to design, manufacture and test the next generation of electronic products in-house. 

Precision Machining

Advanced mechanical engineering capability, including multi-axis machining, EDM, press tooling and laser cutting. Our comprehensive facilities and expertise enable us to take on the most challenging projects across high reliability industries such as aerospace, energy and defence. 

We manufacture millions of AS9100-accredited components each year, machined in exotic materials such as titanium and Inconel, as well as managing accredited supply chains for our customers. 

Radio Frequency

Connexion Technologies is a world-leading specialist in complex RF & Microwave systems, providing a comprehensive and expert service from design, specification and supply, through to repair and testing.

With a market-leading position and strong relationships with the premier manufacturers of RF and microwave devices, we are able to support our customers to develop the most advanced networking, communication and measurement solutions.  

Additive manufacturing

We provide expert services in Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing to global OEMs, helping them to understand where this technology can add value to their supply chains.

From training and market evaluation through to project management of complex, multi-partner projects, our team of Additive Manufacturing experts help customers to reduce the risks associated with introducing new technologies to their manufacturing processes.