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Our technology is at the heart of some of the most advanced test and instrumentation systems in the world, delivering reliable and repeatable results every time. We work with Test and Instrumentation manufacturers to create new technologies for demanding industries including healthcare, aerospace and energy.

Our commitment to developing innovative manufacturing processes allows us to support production of the next generation of test and instrumentation devices. By investing in the latest manufacturing equipment, Connexion Technologies has unparalleled capability to help bring the latest products to market.


Our expertise in microelectronics allows us to manufacture miniaturised sensors and devices for the most advanced applications. Using state-of-art manufacturing processes, we develop robust, reliable sensors for a wide variety of test and instrumentation applications.


Connexion Technologies supplies core measurement systems within some of the world’s most advanced laboratory testing and instrumentation devices. Customers benefit from our unparalleled experience in developing reliable and repeatable systems.


We work with healthcare companies to develop new medical testing devices that provide accurate and reliable diagnostic data. Our products are used every day by nursing staff in the UK to diagnose and treat patients.


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