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Connexion Technology supplies advanced products and systems to the medical and healthcare industries, accredited to ISO13485. With world-leading manufacturing facilities, including Class 10,000 clean rooms, we support customers at all stages of their product life cycle.

Taking medical devices from concept to production is complex task that requires a deep expertise of supply chain knowledge and regulatory requirements. Our engineering teams are highly experienced in the medical and healthcare sector, helping to bring new products to market that will benefit both patients and healthcare professionals.


Connexion Technologies supplies the key measurement systems within some of the world’s most advanced medical testing and instrumentation devices. Customers benefit from our unparalleled experience in developing reliable and repeatable systems.


Our expertise in microelectronics allows us to manufacture miniaturised medical sensors and devices for the most advanced applications. Using state-of-art manufacturing processes, we develop robust, reliable sensors for a wide variety of healthcare applications.

Medical Devices

From prototypes through to production, Connexion Technologies provides a complete turnkey service for customers looking to bring new medical devices to market. Our customers depend on our expertise in this field for efficient development cycles and regulatory approval


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