engineering for future generations

Connexion Technologies works with global brands to develop the next generation of vehicles, building on our expertise in power electronics and high-reliability systems.

Connexion Technologies has a long history of working with the transport and automotive industries. We work with OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers around the world to provide manufacturing and supply chain services.

Today, we are investing in new technology to support our customers as they move towards next-generation vehicles and infrastructure. From electrification to lightweight components, our engineering expertise and supply chain insights help to develop products that will drive the industry forwards.


Our expertise in power electronics, compound semiconductors and high temperature applications is essential for developing the next generation of systems for electric vehicles. We supply automotive OEMS around the world with solutions for fully-electric and hybrid vehicles.

Production Tools

Connexion Technologies designs and manufactures production tools for leading automotive OEMs within the UK. With fully equipped press-tooling facilities, we offer a responsive toolmaking service for the automotive industry.


Connexion Technologies is a major supplier of video surveillance technology for the transportation industry. We provide leading OEMs with a comprehensive turnkey manufacturing service for robust traffic monitoring systems.


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